Is this an insurance plan?
No, Christian Health Care Solutions™ is not health insurance. It’s an affordable solution for your entire Healthcare Legal and Financial needs. Christian Health Care Solutions™ is a nationally recognized leader in medical discount savings. Visit one of the 750,000 locations in our network and save between from 15 to 60% instantly. Since Christian Health Care Solutions™ is not health insurance; the cardholder is responsible for the pre-negotiated fees incurred.

How do I receive my discounts?
First, select a provider from one of the Christian Health Care Solutions™ affiliated provider networks. Then, when you appear for your appointment, present your Christian Health Care Solutions™ member ship card. You will receive your discount at the time of service. There are no administrative forms to file or fill out.

How much will I save?
Members will only receive discounts by visiting one of the providers in our networks. There are many factors that will determine your savings. These factors include, but are not limited to, the procedure you are treated for, the state you reside in, and the provider you have selected. Our members can expect to save from 15 to 60% instantly on any visit to a provider in any of our networks.

Can anyone enroll?
Yes, because Christian Health Care Solutions™ is not health insurance, anyone can join and everyone is accepted.

Is there a wait before I can use my healthcare discount card?
No, once you enroll in our discount program you will be ready to begin saving.

Can anyone in my household use my medical discount card?
Yes, Christian Health Care Solutions™ will include any member in your household if you are enrolled in our Family Plan.

Can a member cancel at anytime?
Yes, simply contact Member Services in writing to cancel at anytime. Your membership will terminate at the end of that month, and then your enrollment will be canceled.

Can I have a list of providers that are in the network?
Christian Health Care Solutions™ members receive a partial list of local providers in each of its affiliated networks in their initial member kit. Additional providers may be found by calling the affiliated network at the toll free number in the member kit.

What happens if the network provider doesn’t know about the Christian Health Care Solutions™ health discount program?
You will still get your discount, even if the provider is not familiar with Christian Health Care Solutions™. Since we use third party networks (such as the Private HealthCare Systems (PHCS) nationwide medical network), a particular provider may not know the Christian Health Care Solutions™ name, but as a networked provider for PHCS, the provider is obligated to give Christian Health Care Solutions™ members the agreed upon discounts.

Can I get your cancellation policy in writing?
Yes. The cancellation policy is clearly spelled out in the membership kit “Terms and Conditions.” Rest assured that you can cancel your Christian Health Care Solutions™ membership at any time and for any reason – there are no long term contracts or obligations!