Weight Loss After Pregnancy – How To Do It Quick

Pregnancy and giving birth to a child are regarded amongst most treasured of all moments in the life of a woman. However, after all this is over, mostly women get extremely busy with their baby and forget about bodily changes that they are experiencing. Many begin crash dieting and when they realize that they are not able to lose weight even after giving birth to their child. However, this is not advisable for weight loss after pregnancy unless there is some guidance from nutritionists and expert dietitians. You should always be patient when it comes to achieving your goals and … Continue reading Weight Loss After Pregnancy – How To Do It Quick

Back Pain Relief – The Dynamics Involved in Relieving Back Pain

You might have swung your golf club or lifted some heavy weights, a bit too enthusiastically. You might also have been hunched at your computer or desk for a couple of weeks, battling some strict deadline. Regardless of the reason, you back may be “out” now and you’d be looking for some back pain relief option. Just don’t lose heart as you are not alone here. Almost everyone suffers back pain somehow. What may not sound too good to you is that if there is no disc problem or any major injury, you might not get some good help from … Continue reading Back Pain Relief – The Dynamics Involved in Relieving Back Pain

Piles in Pregnancy

Piles in pregnancy are unfortunately a common occurrence. They are harder to treat when a woman is pregnant because surgery is rarely an option at that period of time. Instead, piles in pregnancy will have to be treated with less invasive methods, as only the doctor can tell you which of the commercially available creams, ointments and suppositories are allowed during pregnancy. Reasons for piles in pregnancy There are a several reasons why piles in pregnancy happen. Piles disease can be caused by many things, and some of the choices of treatment may include: A pregnant woman’s body has more … Continue reading Piles in Pregnancy

A Permanent Solution For Anxiety

The hard and strenuous routines of our modern lifestyle have led to the increased incidences of anxiety attacks. Feeling tensed and worried at one time or the other is common to everyone but when these worries and fears become constant and start interfering with our regular routine, life becomes real challenging. It is, thus, advisable to take immediate remedial measures to combat anxiety before these anxiety attacks turn into a major anxiety disorder. When it comes to anxiety disorders, people directly move on to the option of anti-anxiety drugs. However, various traditional and natural treatments with great efficacy are available … Continue reading A Permanent Solution For Anxiety

How Stem Cells & Physical Therapy Are Leading the Way in Spinal Cord Injury Therapy

Stem cells are known for their ability to develop into various types of cells in the body, giving rise to the possibility of countless medical applications. Currently, stem cells are used to treat a number of diseases, and more families are turning to cord blood storage as a medical precaution for their children. In addition to the current uses, a recent study showed promising results for spinal cord injury patients by combining stem cell therapy with traditional physical therapy. A spinal cord injury damages or severs the nerve fibers, which can lead to impaired movement and sensation in the affected part of the body, … Continue reading How Stem Cells & Physical Therapy Are Leading the Way in Spinal Cord Injury Therapy